WATCH: Abortion advocate tries to convince The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles to use the term "pregnant people" and gets a taste of her own medicine 🤣
· Dec 8, 2022 ·

Michael Knowles hosted a pro-abort, Bronte Remsik, for a civil debate on his show and had a very lengthy discussion about the issue of life and abortion.

Knowles really knows how to handle himself in a contentious situation and this clip from his debate shows you just how to handle the Left when they try to change the language around the debate.

Knowles mocks the idea of a pregnant person, very knowingly performing for the camera, but he doesn't attack Remsik to her face. He has a sly and clever method of presenting his attack.

Remsik: Michael, do you know what the leading cause of death for pregnant people is?

Michael: Pregnant people? Mothers? Women?

Remsik: If you'd like to call them mothers, not all of them are mothers.

Michael brought her on to discuss the abortion issue, but she walked right into the transgender issue and therefore gave Knowles the ability to spring the trap and destroy any scientific credibility she might have possessed.

This lady doesn't know what a woman is, how is she qualified to talk about when life begins?

Michael: What are they if they're not mothers?

Remsik: They're pregnant people.

Michael: What people other than mothers are pregnant?

Remsik: Does it bother you to use inclusive language?

Michael: I prefer to use precise language.

She's given up the game. Definitions are so crucial in a debate and if this pro-abort advocate can't admit that women are mothers and is more worried about being "inclusive" than precise then she's given up so much of the battle.

She tries to use her "inclusivity" to attack Knowles, but he doesn't let her do it.

Michael: To include who?

Remsik: To include people who don't cla — identify as women but can become pregnant.

Michael: So, like a person who's born a woman and identifies as a man and is pregnant?

Remsik: Yeah.

Michael: So you're telling me that in order to be a moral person I need to accept the idea that a man, someone who is born a man and looks like a man can become a woman? That's a prerequisite of my being a moral person?

Remsik: I mean, yes. To me, it is because if you are trying to deny someone of their identity and deny their life experiences then that doesn't seem like a moral stance to me. I want to be respecting and I want to accept people's life experiences and respect they way they identify and respect the way they want to present themselves to the world.

Michael is such an evil, evil person because he insists only women can get pregnant. Even if a woman says she's a man she's still a woman.

And that's hateful.

Knowles responds perfectly:

Bronte, I want to identify – and I do identify – as the correct person on this issue of abortion. I identify as being correct and more correct than you on this issue and I would just ask that you accept and affirm my identity. Do you?

Suddenly you need to be a medical professional to self-identify?

That's some hypocrisy for you.

This whole debate goes on for more than two hours and you can see the beatdown in its entirety here:

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