I think The New York Times is scared ... and more than a little racist
· Jul 6, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Well, at least they didn't say "Latinx."

The New York Times is apparently VERY afraid because Republicans are more than successful in their attempts to appeal to Latino voters.

Yes, The New York Times is super upset that the poor, helpless, Latina demographic has been sucked into voting for Republicans, even though it has been calling conservatives racist for decades.

I mean, don't the Latinas remember the bad orange man?

It can't be that the Left has lurched radically toward woke Marxism. Nope. These Latinas must be appealing to "extreme" politics.

The Trump age has given rise to a new brand of Texas Republicans, one of whom is already walking the halls of Congress: the far-right Latina.

Representative Mayra Flores became the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley in more than a century after she won a special election last month and flipped the congressional seat from blue to red.

So now the Right is more "extreme" and Trumpian.

So what was this "extreme right" platform Flores ran on?

Her campaign slogan — "God, family, country" — was meant to appeal to what she calls the "traditional values" of her majority-Hispanic district in the border city of Brownsville. She called for President Biden's impeachment. She tweeted QAnon hashtags. And she called the Democratic Party the "greatest threat America faces."

Oh no! She campaigned on "God, family, and country" and "traditional values"!

If a Latina doesn't vote the way the Left tells her to, she's just a kook.

And she doesn't care about January 6th!

I have tried to find the QAnon hashtags referenced, the only thing I found is that she used a whole long string of trending hashtags, including #Q and #QAnon in a voter ID tweet.

Nothing she's said has had to do with actual QAnon conspiracies.

But that's all it takes.

The Left, as represented by The New York Times, is very upset that Hispanics are abandoning the Democrat party.

The Right has abandoned the W Bush "compassionate conservatism" and embraced the Trump fighter style – that's what has reached so many Hispanics, especially on the Texas border.

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