Idaho Banned CRT In Schools, But Teachers Are Changing The Name And Continuing The Same Racist Curriculum
· Mar 24, 2022 ·

Accuracy in Media just dropped an exposé on a school in Idaho where Critical Race Theory was banned from public schools.

In this video, teachers, and administrators on hidden cameras admit that when the ban took place they didn't stop teaching CRT, they just renamed it.

(If you don't have time to watch all 7 minutes, a synopsis follows)

The admissions made in this video are shocking, but not surprising.

The rot of CRT has already become so deep that a simple ban, while it may make people feel good, will really do nothing to stop these woke teachers from teaching the same racist nonsense.

Here are some damning admissions made in the video.

First, there's Cindy Dion, the school district instructional specialist in the Nampa district in Idaho:

Social-Emotional Learning, we can't say that here anymore, it's "mental health"...

So it's just our mental health curriculum...

It's just all the different words you have to do, and of course we don't do CRT, we don't.

We're just learning how to worm around all those wierd things that are out there.

They're still teaching CRT tenets, they just change the name to fool "ignorant" parents.

Here's Caldwell School District's Chief Academic Officer, Melissa Langan:

I just went to a superintendents meeting last week and the district was intentional to switch out "Social-Emotional Learning" to behavior adaptions...

Changed the label same stuff. And I thought it's kind of a bummer they have to do that but at the same time it's kind of brilliant. Because they (parents) don't care about this, even though it's the same as this. But it's the label.

The extent that teachers and administrators in a conservative state like Idaho are going to hide what they are teaching to students is disturbing. It's not enough simply ban CRT, parents need to demand COMPLETE curriculum transparency AND be educated enough to know when the wool is being pulled over their eyes.

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