Totally Unbiased CBS: The Supreme Court Hearings Yesterday Were "Very Painful To Watch" And Featured "Searing Attacks On The First Black Woman" Nominated For SCOTUS
ยท Mar 24, 2022 ยท

The totally fair and unbiased news reporters over at CBS wanted the viewers to know that evil racist Republicans treated Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson just horrendously.

Your fair and balanced media, ladies and gents:

Gayle King: I watched a lot of the hearing yesterday, it was very painful to watch a lot yesterday afternoon, what can you tell us about the plan for the final day?

According to Curtis Houck at Newsbusters, the reporter goes on to say that the questioning of Jackson was a "searing attack" on the first black woman Supreme Court nominee.

I'm unaware, but is Nikole Killion a biologist? How does she know that Jackson is a woman?

But that's beside the point.

Jackson was questioned about her ideology and asked to explain her previous rulings on the court. And this is a supposedly racist and sexist attack?

The mainstream media is all in for this nominee and all in for the leftist narrative.

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