"I'm not enjoying my womanhood as much as I was"
· Apr 1, 2023 · NottheBee.com

As public writers we have to strike a careful balance between (a) not giving someone like Dylan Mulvaney too much press, and (b) using his sad, tragic life story as a warning for other vulnerable potential victims of transgender ideology.

His latest pronouncement falls squarely into the latter camp:

[M]any women object to Mulvaney's shrill approximation of femininity.

Others resent a biological male stepping into their shoes, and gobbling up paid work promoting cosmetics and other feminine products.

The criticisms clearly sting Mulvaney, whose typically peppy appearances have, one year into [his] journey, given way to moments of despondency and despair.

I would just like to submit — purely as speculation here — that Mulvaney's "despondency and despair" has nothing to do with any "criticisms" he has received and has everything to do with the fact that he's destroyed his body and ruined his life in service to a hideous, ghoulish zeitgeist.

I mean that's just a thought. In any event, he's certainly being candid about how he's feeling either way:

'I'm not enjoying my womanhood as much as I was,' [he] said in a recent post directed at her feminist critics.

'And my pain … is very real.'

Of course it is. Does this look like a healthy, happy, well-adjusted person to you?

I have a sneaking suspicion that we're going to see a sort of terrible slow-motion collapse play out in the near future, one in which Dylan's awful, irreversible choices finally come back to him.

This will not be pleasant or pretty to witness.

Let's hope Dylan repents, gets better, and that his story serves as a grim warning to others who would follow in his delusional steps.

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