In less than 12 hours, tens of millions of Americans will become felons because the ATF doesn't like a plastic part that helps guns shoot accurately
· May 31, 2023 ·

The ATF is an unelected body of hired bureaucrats that have no power invested in them to make law, and certainly not law under the "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" section of the U.S. Constitution.

But that doesn't matter because this is 2023 and we need to progress past silly notions like liberty and tyranny because the federal government wants to be the only one that owns guns.

At 12 AM on June 1, tens of millions of Americans will become felons for owning a stabilizing brace on what the ATF previously classified "semi-automatic pistols."

(Please don't research how the ATF classifies things because it's a paperwork wormhole that you'll never escape)

Basically, the ATF came out a number of years ago and said, "Hey, we don't like you owning modern gun tech that's increasingly portable and modular. You've got to use a 3-foot-long wooden stock like your great-great-great-great-great grandpappy did when he was fighting the British with his flintlock musket."

Because of that, clever law-abiding Americans ("law-abiding" is key because criminals just roam the streets with machine guns they stole) figured out a loophole to allow them to fire what are, ATF classifications be damned, short-barreled rifles.

Take the popular .300 Blackout round. It rose to prominence in the last decade because it only needs a 9-inch barrel for a full powder burn, giving it a real punch in a short package. That means you can easily fit one in a backpack and it's half the weight of older, heavier guns.

A pistol brace, which was developed to allow disabled shooters to strap the gun to their forearm, can also conveniently be fired from the shoulder. This loophole annoyed the ATF, but they begrudgingly accepted it and tens of millions of sporting rifles were sold with them, legally, over the past 10 or so years.

Now, under the same Biden administration that says this on a weekly basis...

...the ATF wants Americans to either register their guns, destroy their accuracy, or go to jail for up to 10 years.

This isn't theoretical. TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans have not registered their guns in the last 120 days during Biden's "grace period" (how nice of him). At midnight, they become federal felons for legal weapons as citizens who went through the proper channels to responsibly buy firearms for their defense.

(Again, criminals don't follow ATF guides or get tax stamps, folks. They just slap a stock on their full-auto AK and shoot whomever they want.)

The ATF says you silly people aren't allowed to put that gun on your shoulder – and heaven forbid you would use a piece of plastic to stabilize it! – because only Joe Biden and his military (and maybe the police under your local Democrat mayor) should have those yucky guns.

There is some hope, however. Many sheriffs around the nation are refusing to comply with the ATF. A bunch of lawsuits are also in the water. A federal judge issued an injunction this week on the ATF order that applies to the plaintiff Firearms Policy Coalition AND their members, which presumably is anyone who signs up on their website.

Congress has purposely dawdled its feet on action because the GOP is spineless and most of them secretly want to take your guns too.

Enjoy becoming felons tonight in the eyes of the federal government, my fellow Americans!


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