The media says "Sound of Freedom" is based on QAnon conspiracies, but when the real-life sting depicted in the movie took place, they applauded it. What changed?
· Jul 10, 2023 ·

Rolling Stone, WaPo, Jezebel, and The Guardian have all come out and condemned the movie "Sound of Freedom" as paranoid QAnon propaganda meant to excite and encourage right-wing conspiracists.

However, when the real-life operation depicted in the movie took place, the protagonist, former federal agent Tim Ballard, was portrayed as a hero and the widespread horror of sex trafficking was taken as a cold hard fact.

This was in 2014:

The media was rightfully calling out the problem. If you don't know, according to the International Justice Mission, there are 50 million slaves worldwide now (more than ever in human history) and trafficking is a $150 BILLION industry.

But now the media calls the idea of a trafficking pipeline in nations like Colombia a conspiracy, while even out in California this week, a 14-year-old was reportedly sold for sex on U.S. military base...

So what's changed in the last few years?

Why have journalists all of a sudden started calling sex trafficking a conspiracy and being anti-pedophile as a right-wing position? Why the attacks on this movie? A large part of it is Big Money circling the wagons to destroy something outside the establishment that saw success, but it makes you wonder if there's more to the equation.

It's something to think about...

I'll leave this sign here for ya.

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