In an age of cancel culture, this is how you refuse to be canceled.
· Oct 8, 2022 ·

Far-left commentators earlier this week tried to cancel Matt Walsh over some comments he made years ago about unwed pregnancies and the historical ages at which women used to begin childbearing.

Agree or disagree with the point he was trying to make, it's not as if he was "defending teen pregnancy," as one LGBTQ website put it; rather he was making a mildly controversial but perfectly defensible argument.

Still, lesser men may have folded in the wake of this non-scandal. Yet Matt Walsh, as is his wont, went ahead and instead gave us a masterclass in how to throw cancel culture back in the face of the cancelers:

(language warning)

Don't miss this:

"The secret they never say out loud: Nobody is truly cancelled unless they consent to it and they willingly play their assigned roles."

Yep. Go and do likewise.

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