PayPal's new terms allow the company to confiscate up to $2,500 from your account if it finds you guilty of spreading "misinformation"
· · Oct 8, 2022 ·

If you do business on PayPal, just a slight word of warning that the company is becoming, you know, basically a Communist China-style policer of speech:

A new PayPal policy update appears to authorize the company to pull a significant sum of money from the accounts of users who spread "misinformation."

Effective November 3, the new conditions will be added to the restricted activity section of the PayPal User agreement, the Daily Wire first reported. Changes include prohibitions on "the sending, posting, or publication of any messages, content, or materials" that "promote misinformation."

So PayPal already has a pretty hefty 3.5% fee for each transaction and now they want to take $2,500 out of your bank account if you say something that bothers them. Got it.

Oh and just in case that wasn't enough, there are now more ways to lose your hard-earned money on the platform:

While the prior policy already forbade "hate," "intolerance," and discrimination, the new one now also explicitly applies to specific "protected groups" and "individuals or groups based on protected characteristics." Identities under this umbrella include race, religion, gender or gender identity, and sexual orientation.

This is real life. Are you paying attention yet?


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