Indiana House passes bill to defund the Kinsey Institute at University of Indiana, named for professor who "researched" sexuality of children
· Feb 23, 2023 ·

On Wednesday, the Indiana House passed a bill to defund the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University at Bloomington, named for the "controversial" sexuality research [read: pervert] Alfred Kinsey.

From the Associated Press, in an astonishingly biased take on the bill:

Indiana Republican lawmakers voted Wednesday to prohibit Indiana University from using any state money to support its sexual research institution after a far-right legislator unleashed disputed allegations of child exploitation by its founder and famed mid-20th century researcher Alfred Kinsey.

The Indiana House voted 53-34 to block state funding toward the Kinsey Institute that has long faced criticism from conservatives for its ongoing research and the legacy of Kinsey's work that they blame for contributing to liberalized sexual morals, including more acceptance of homosexuality and pornography.

Last year, the school made headlines for putting up a statue of this glorified abuser, and that might very well have awakened Republicans to the evils of Kinsey, resulting in this attempted defunding.

Anyways, the AP is SUPER mad about this for some reason.

Seven Republican House members joined all Democrats present in voting against Sweet's proposal, which specifically prohibits the use of state money for expenses including the institute's on-campus facilities, research work, utilities, office supplies and maintenance of research photographs or films.

Seven Republicans in the state of INDIANA voted to continue funding this sexuality research program named for and founded by a groomer and abuser that continues to build off of his faulty and dangerous research?

What the Peter Heck is happening here?

The defunding may still not go through even:

The fate of the Kinsey funding prohibition might not be decided until a final version of the state budget is voted upon by lawmakers in late April.

Let's hope lawmakers in Indiana grow a spine and tear this place down brick by brick.

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