Intel temporarily forgot what products they're selling, and it's hilarious!

Jan 13th

Intel, the company known for cutting-edge computer processors (at least until AMD came out with their processors... and Apple came out with the M1) is behaving strangely lately. This infomercial-style video was posted to their Instagram profile:

Either their social media dude forgot which account he was on, or Intel has decided to diversify by breaking into the lucrative cord-catcher market. I mean, given how far behind they are on their competition, it might not be the worst idea to pivot a little.

Regardless of the reason, the video was removed from their Instagram page... but not before several people noticed, and left some hilarious comments:

Some speculated on the reason for the stark departure from Intel's usual product line:

Some lauded the effort...

...While others were not so positive:

Some concerned citizens saw it as a cry for help:

But for a few, all they saw was a great advertisement for some cord catchers, and they wanted in on it:

While this may forever remain a mystery, I thank you Intel, for providing some brief entertainment in a crazy world!

Now I'm wondering if Not The Bee should get in on the cord-catching market...


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