Investigators think a possible serial killer in California might have actually started killing in Chicago in 2018
· Oct 15, 2022 ·

Bad enough that police think there might be a multiple-murderer on the loose near San Francisco:

Now they're saying he might have been active in multiple states for at least the last four years:

Police in Stockton, California are working directly with Chicago police to determine whether a serial killer in Stockton is the same man who shot and killed two people in cold blood in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood in 2018, CBS Chicago reports. ...

CBS Sacramento compared surveillance videos of the suspects, and the similarities between the men are striking. Both are wearing all black, their heads and faces are covered, and their walk is almost exactly alike.

"Over and over and over we heard 'pay attention to the gait, the gait ... the walk,' and it struck a chord. This week, when detectives in Chicago saw the video out of Northern California, again it was 'pay attention to the gait," Edwards said.

"The gait," i.e. the way the guy walks. And it's true, the walks of the two suspects are strikingly unique and arguably similar. Here's the Chicago suspect in 2018:

And here's Stockton:

Notice that both men seem to favor their left sides in a weird sort of indecipherable way; both walk with their feet slightly pointed outward, like a duck's (hence why they call the Chicago suspect the "duck-walk killer"). Cops can't afford to ignore these similarities.

One thing you can never help but admire: The tenacity and perceptiveness of detectives. They'll just stick at a thing, day after day, year after year, and sometimes — more often than sometimes, really — they get lucky. Especially when they work together:

Now, both police departments are trying to determine whether the killers are the same person.

"My sources tell me high-level conversations are going on," Edwards told CBS Sacramento. "There is an absolute open book sharing of information."

Let's hope they get the guy, and pronto.

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