IRS: Criminal Investigations annual report 2021 offers a glimpse into what a weaponized IRS looks like
· Aug 12, 2022 ·

After the Senate passed the "Inflation Reduction Act" aka the pour gasoline on the burning economy act, everyone reeled at the tax increases included in the bill, but what really set off alarms was the bit about hiring 70,000 armed IRS agents.

Senator Ted Cruz points out that this would make the militarized portion of the IRS bigger than the Pentagon, the Department of State, the FBI, and the Border Patrol…combined.

So, what exactly does a militarized IRS look like?

This year, the IRS: CI division published their annual report, and they looked awfully busy!

Now, keep in mind they did all that with only 2,046 special agents. Imagine what they could do with 70,000.

Meanwhile the regular side of the IRS, the one with the accountants doing crazy things like math, is so under-staffed, they're still only answering 1 in 10 calls.

But when two plus two can equal five, who wants to waste time doing math when you can bust people trying to stay ahead of inflation by investing in cryptocurrency, which the report says accounted for 93% of all CI seizures?

The next big thing on the list is going after businesses that applied for PPP loans.

Were there bad actors in these cases who deserved to go to jail? Probably.

Crypto is a money-launderer's paradise, and when the government indiscriminately throws cash in the air, people are likely to grab at it any way they can, even illegally.

However, the IRS seems to be doing pretty well taking care of these cases. Why do they need so many armed agents?

Well, let's not forget that even though Biden backed down on carrying this out, his administration is still looking to completely takeover and monitor every transaction you make:

And they were trying to slide a communist through that wanted to get rid of private banking in favor of government banking.

When you combine that with these photos of IRS agents practicing raiding middle-class American houses, guns hot, I'm starting to think they haven't totally given up on those plans.

I feel like starting a "Make Friends With a Prepper" campaign or something.

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