Is Marvel basing the new Captain America's Nazi supervillain off Jordan Peterson??
· Apr 6, 2021 ·

To quote Dr. Jordan Peterson on this particular story, "What the h*ll?"

You may remember this particular villain from the original Captain America movie, where Cap' was sent to fight Nazis and ended up uncovering the even-more-evil organization, Hydra, along with the villain "Red Skull":

It seems Marvel has decided to model a new iteration of this big bad on Dr. Peterson, the esteemed Canadian professor, psychologist, and New York Times mega-bestseller.

Those in the Cult of Woke have called Peterson a bigot and fascist for years, but it's an entirely new level to see a huge company like Marvel actually model a supervillain off him.

Look at the comic panel with me. Marvel (word choice intended) at this absolutely horrid insanity:

"Ten Rules for Life?" You mean like this book by Jordan Peterson?

"Chaos and Order?" You mean like this book by Jordan Peterson that I'm totally not holding?

"The feminist trap?" You mean like this video of Jordan Peterson rightly decrying intersectional identity politics?

This is insane.

Marvel is literally comparing a Nazi supervillain to an acclaimed professor – who has repeatedly stood up for life, liberty, and civility in his rhetoric – because he's held some basic non-woke beliefs about things.

This is a man who has nearly been to hell and back the past two years with health crisis after health crisis, all the while while being vilified by the Left. This is a man willing to talk with anyone from any part of the sociopolitical spectrum.

This is a man who wears his emotions so outright that he cried the other week talking about the reality of Jesus Christ.

But fine, Marvel, tell me how he's like a demon-Nazi.

But wait, there's more!

That's not the only panel of the comic in question. Check out this one:

E N H A N C E:

The idea in this panel plays off the Left's idea that Peterson and others are just stroking the ego of angry white men, telling them that they're amazing [read: supreme] but that they have to fight to stay amazing because the world is against them.

Do you see the connections? Jordan Peterson, Nazis, and supremacy? That seems to fit the ideological insanity of the woke, doesn't it?

I challenge anyone who hasn't been indoctrinated by Wokianity to pick up Jordan Peterson's books or listen to his podcast and find the hate in helping people organize their lives and find meaning in their personal suffering.

But this is what Captain America is now, folks.

The Left has totally corrupted every single one of our institutions, and now even comic books meant for kids paint a narrative that angry white men are the real problem while covering for the Marxist creep and societal decay happening around us.

How utterly shameful.

As one respondent to Peterson's tweet noted, I miss this Captain America – the one that told people to do what's right regardless of what the corporate media, the government, or the mob says:

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