God is working on Jordan Peterson: Watch him choke up and shed tears while talking about Jesus Christ and the idea of following Him

Mar 8th

This is really really something.

From one of JBP's recent podcast episodes. Timestamped for your convenience; the relevant portion goes for about 4 minutes:

Yes, that was Jordan B. Peterson talking about Jesus Christ.

  • "It becomes something with a power that transcends your ability to resist it."
  • "I probably believe that. And I am amazed at my own belief and I don't understand it."
  • "In some sense I believe it's undeniable."
  • "The narrative and the objective world touch. And the ultimate example of that is supposed to be Christ. And that seems to be oddly plausible."
  • "I still don't know what to make of it, partly because it's too terrifying a reality to fully believe. I don't even know what would happen to you if you fully believed it."

Pray for Jordan Peterson y'all.


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