It is so hard to get ahead as a gay black man in America
ยท Feb 27, 2024 ยท

Man, I tell ya what, it really shows the level of systemic racism against gay black folx in America when you only get $24.5 million from your former employer.

I know that most people out there think a settlement of $24.5 million is a lot of money, but think of how much Don needs to spend daily to overcome the systemic oppression that he faces as a man who is both gay and black in 2024 America.

The former CNN anchor and the news network reached a separation deal that would pay Lemon approximately $24.5 million, reports TheWrap. The total is reportedly the amount of money Lemon, 57, was set to receive if his final contract ended in 3 and a half years.

Lemon was fired because he said Nikki Haley was past her prime:

Just imagine if Don Lemon were a straight white guy. No way he would have been fired. Institutions like CNN are very afraid of white men because white men are celebrated and honored and venerated in all of our institutions today!

I know most of you reading this are struggling to get by: If someone gave you $10,000 it would be a miraculous windfall that would change your life. That extra $50 a week in groceries thanks to Bidenflation is making life very hard right now.

But what you really need to understand is that it's very, very hard for gay black men to get any type of foothold in opportunities with fair pay because Americans hate gay black men so very much. This is why we need to take your tax dollars - you know, that money you could have used to feed and clothe your family but was taken by the government - and use it for things like Hip Hop Task Forces:

And the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity:

As you are paying whatever utility bills you can afford this month, make sure to remember: While Don Lemon might have an extra $24.5 million in his pocket, you are probably more privileged than him, so no complaining!

Lemon announced last month that he is launching a self-titled newscast, The Don Lemon Show, which will stream first on social media site X.

The Don Lemon Show airs on March 11.

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