American Heart Association journal says nearly 50% of young men with myocarditis after the jab had PERMANENT heart damage. Dr. Drew breaks it down for Megyn Kelly.
· Oct 20, 2023 ·

Well, this does seem like something that the news should be covering but, for some reason, it's hard to find out there.

Dr. Drew Pinsky went on Megyn Kelly's show and talked all things Covid and the "miracle" vaccine. And what he said about the side effects of the Covid shot is absolutely terrifying.

[Language Warning: Megyn Kelly GOES OFF!]

In my world, throughout my career, 40-year career, myocarditis is a medical emergency. It's a dire problem...

A large study... it showed... approximately half of the young males that got myocarditis had permanent heart damage. Permanent. That means, we don't know what percentage, are going to be disable by this as they get older, they're gonna develop heart failure, or gonna need heart transplants some of them.

It's breathtaking, this study.

Dr. Drew then goes on to wonder how the media could be so negligent to keep this study off the front pages. This isn't some backwater journal with a pseudoscientific study. This is a study from "Circulation," published by the American Heart Association since 1950. Its wiki entry notes its "impact factor" is "first among journals in the Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems category and first in the Peripheral Vascular Disease category," meaning it is a MAJOR source that scientists and doctors pull from around the world!

Here's a little bit of the journal piece for the science nerds:

Yes, of the 39 participants, 26 had abnormal heart readings (again, these are YOUNG men).

We all know how much the media loves to admit they were wrong and to throw the bio-medical tyranny state under the bus. That sounds just like them!

In a 27 year old male, the illness is a nothing! So the vaccine is ALL risk. Why the push? Why are we pushing?

For this population, the vaccine was clearly more dangerous than the disease, as Pinsky points out. And for those who were injured, the long-term effects are devastating. Yet we're still barely allowed to talk about it!!

You can watch more of the interview with Dr. Drew on Megyn Kelly's show here.

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