It's good for a husband and wife to have shared interests—like this Florida couple who spend their free time breaking world speed-eating records
· Nov 26, 2022 ·

This actually is kind of a sweet story. This man and this woman met at a competitive eating challenge, then they got married and had a kid, and now they still spend a ton of time eating competitively.

A Florida couple who are both competitive eaters broke Guinness World Records for speed eating hot dogs and a burrito.

The record-keeping organization announced Miki Sudo ate an entire burrito in 31.47 seconds, breaking the previous record by 0.88 seconds. In the same day, she broke the record for most hot dogs eaten in 1 minute, downing six to double the previous record.

Sudo's husband, Nicholas Wehry ate 12 hot dogs in 3 minutes, beating the previous record of 9.

This really is quite a sight:

Aside from the ridiculous amounts of food these people can put away in mere minutes, they really do look like a more-or-less normal family:

You know what they say — the family that eats real fast is built to last! Well, I'm sure someone has said that at some point.

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