It's official: Texas officials will begin apprehending illegal immigrants and returning them to the border
· · Jul 8, 2022 ·

Yo, this is gonna end in a fight, I guarantee it.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Biden Administration is so incredibly bad at securing the border—probably on purpose—that the state of Texas is taking it upon themselves to keep their border with Mexico secure.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) issued an executive order on Thursday authorizing the Texas Department of Public Safety and the National Guard to arrest migrants caught entering the state illegally along the U.S.-Mexico border and transport them to ports of entry. Under federal law, only federal agents are empowered to enforce immigration law.

Here's a little bit from the absolutely based order:

WHEREAS, at least 42 subjects on the terrorist watchlist have been arrested while attempting to cross the border illegally since January 202 1 , and an unknown number have crossed while evading detection, demonstrating that an insecure border is a pathway for terrorists to enter the United States…

WHEREAS, President Biden's border crisis hit a new record in May 2022, which saw the largest number of immigrants arrested or encountered along our southern border since U.S. Customs and Border Protection began keeping track in 2000, and these unprecedented numbers are overwhelming local communities across Texas; and WHEREAS, President Biden's reckless refusal to secure the border will provide material support to the cartels, allow them to smuggle more dangerous people, drugs, and weapons into Texas, and embolden cartel gunmen to continue shooting at state and federal officials;

WHEREAS, President Biden's failure to faithfully execute the immigration laws enacted by Congress confirms that he has abandoned the covenant, in Article IV, § 4 of the U.S. Constitution, that "[t]he United States . . . shall protect each [State in this Union] against Invasion"...

THEREFORE, I, Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of Texas, do hereby authorize and empower the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to respond to this illegal immigration by apprehending immigrants who cross the border between ports of entry or commit other violations of federal law, and to return those illegal immigrants to the border at a port of entry.

Man, I sure am glad we got one state willing to do the work our failure of a federal government won't do.

Much love for the great state of Texas!

One thing before I go, because I'm the type to grow suspicious, especially when certain governors refuse to condemn certain organizations with certain Bond villain leaders (the WEF, for you slowpokes).

Two immigration hawks pushing Abbott to declare an invasion, Center for Renewing America's Russ Vought and Ken Cuccinelli, reacted critically to Abbott's Thursday announcement.

The executive order "does not appear to formally declare an invasion" or "direct [state law enforcement] to remove illegals across the border directly to Mexico," Vought and Cuccinelli told The Texas Tribune.

"That is critical," they said. "Otherwise this is still catch and release."

So, Governor Abbott, this better not just be some scheme to get yourself another term as governor.

Cuz we'll never forget that.

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