"It's unfair to force a truck driver to pay a loan for someone who got a PhD in Gender Studies": DeSantis TORCHES Biden's student loan plan
· Aug 25, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Ron DeSantis just absolutely scorched Biden's plans to "cancel" student loans.

It's very unfair for a truck driver to have to pay back a loan for someone who got, like, a PhD in Gender Studies. That's not fair. That's not right.

It's essentially buying votes. The truck drivers of the world, with no student debt, are typically Republican voters and now they're being put on the hook to pay for the loans of college-educated yuppie liberals who vote for the Democratic Party.

If you're going to talk about debt... then who has benefitted the most from this exorbitant debt that's been taken out over this last generation? It's the universities!

They have bloated administrative budgets... they plow it in and they will expand the DEI [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] office and it has no real impact on the quality of the education when they raise the tuition. It just creates more administrative bloat.

This is something we haven't heard enough of in the student loans debate.

These colleges are the predators. They're raising tuition, raising fees, increasing administration, and offering a worse, woke product as a result.

Meanwhile, the government hands out these loans to further perpetuate the problem.

If any entity should pay for the disastrous loans, it's the schools. Change my mind.

If they're (the Universities) producing people that went deep into debt and their degree is not worth anything and they're not able to make enough money to pay it back, well then that's on them.

And they've had an incentive to have more and more loans taken out and then put in their pocket...

Of course, there's this little fact.

What Biden is doing it's going to cause more inflation.

Then there's the icing on the cake with this policy.

He does not have the constitutional authority to do this.


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