Jeff Bezos is actually making a Dutch city take down a historic century-old bridge just so he can get his obscenely large yacht out to sea
ยท Feb 3, 2022 ยท

There are some perks to being rich: You never have to want for anything, you can go pretty much anywhere in the world, and you can compel European authorities to undertake hugely expensive municipal projects just to satisfy your own ego:

A Dutch city has agreed to spend weeks taking down a historic bridge so Jeff Bezos' new gigantic superyacht can reach the open seas this summer.

The Amazon founder's 417-foot-long, three-masted ship that cost's roughly $500 million is under construction in the Netherlands, but the pleasure boat will be too tall to pass under Rotterdam's landmark Koningshaven Bridge, which has a 130-foot clearance, according to the NL Times, which cited Dutch-language outlet Rijnmond.

As a work-around, the megabillionaire and the boatmaker Oceano reportedly asked Rotterdam officials to temporarily dismantle the iconic bridge, and pledged to reimburse the city for expenses.

That's sure nice of him to pay them back. I guess it never occurred to him that, instead of dropping even more change on this $500,000,000 project and ordering a major infrastructural job to boot, he could just... you know... build a slightly smaller yacht?

This is a reported video of the vessel, by the way.

I wonder if Bezos will be able to lecture us all about climate change onboard that beast!

If you need any further illustration of the comical level of wealth Jeff Bezos currently holds, consider:

The boat's tall masts would present a hazard to helicopters, so the former Amazon CEO commissioned a support yacht with a helipad to follow in its wake, the outlet said.

That's right: The man will have a second yacht to handle the air traffic coming to the first yacht!

Can't wait to see what bridges Jeff Bezos tears down next!

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