Joe Biden apparently thinks you can sell AR-15s out the back of a pickup truck on the streets of Philadelphia and NYC
· Jun 16, 2023 ·

Umm, I think we're gonna need a fact checker over here!

Apparently, Joe Biden thinks that thanks to him, you can't sell weapons out of the back of a pickup truck anymore.

What reality does Joe Biden live in where AR-15s were sold off a truck on the sidewalk? When has this ever been the case??

Joe Biden has actually not passed any laws that would make it harder for a criminal to get a gun. The 1994 bill pushed by Dems like Biden and Chuck Schumer (these people have been in power FOREVER) that banned aSsAuLt wEaPoNs didn't actually keep the bad guys from ignoring one more law, even if they say it stopped 3 million guns from being sold (criminals don't tend to give up if they fail to procure weapons once or twice). Even outlets like The Seattle Times and WaPo have to admit that the bans did little in terms of stopping actual numbers of gun deaths.

Meanwhile, background checks have been around for a long time. In fact, it has been a requirement since 1968 (when Joe Biden was entering middle age) that all gun sellers get a Federal Firearms License through the ATF.

Honestly, it sounds like a Far Side comic, it's so ridiculous.

I'm glad Joe Biden is throwing the fictional ice-cream-truck gun salesmen in jail now. Someone get this man his pudding before he says anything else today!

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