Watch this interaction between Jill and Joe Biden and try to tell me Joe is OK
· Oct 20, 2021 ·

Our president has no idea what the heck is going on.

What would possess Biden to walk up to the mic and begin speaking while the band is playing loudly and it's very, very clear that it's not time for him to give a speech?

And look at Jill. Look at her quiet panic as she notices Joe taking to the microphone. Listen to the harried tone of her voice when she says "LOOK AT ME." Watch how she extends her arm toward him as a signal to get his attention. She sounds annoyed and frustrated -- and also like she's the one in charge. And then Joe does his little half-wave and moseys on toward his next gaffe.


That is not how ANYONE would address the president of the United States under normal circumstances! Or any competent adult for that matter. She sounds like she is addressing a small, unruly child. Or someone whose mental faculties are limited. Or someone who has just been seriously injured.

Or a poor, confused elderly person.

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