Joe Biden: "From the time I got to the Senate 720 years ago ... I'm serious, think about it!"
ยท ยท Sep 14, 2022 ยท

Um, WHAT??

Welp, you have to be 30 to enter the Senate, which would mean he's at least 750, which puts him on the biblical par with Noah's father Lamech (777 years)...

This would mean Joe entered the Senate in the Year of Our Lord 1302, when Edward I, also known as Edward Longshanks, was King of England.

You know, the evil king from Braveheart?

I mean, c'mon, we make a lot of references to Braveheart around here, but I didn't think we were being LITERAL.

You may think this was a gaffe (one he never corrected), since he probably meant he was elected to the Senate in 1972 (the dude is still super old).

But we would never elect a man who makes this many mistakes in his mental capacity as President of the United States, the most powerful nation in the history of the world...




Anyway, since Joe is apparently contemporary with Edward Longshanks, I look forward to history repeating itself!


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