Joe Rogan said he would not advise young, healthy people to get the Rona vaccine ... and the woke mob went insane

Apr 27th

Check out this clip from Joe Rogan and the corresponding response from the enlightened disciples of wokeism:

[Warning: Language]

A few conservatives understood and noted the hell fire that was about to be unleashed from wokies as they screamed vapidly toward heaven:

And scream they did:

[Again: Language]

I'll let you form your own opinion on Rogan's advice and if it's "mass-murdering trash," but that's not what the woke want.

The left – and all their one-sided "science" – refuse any dissenters. It doesn't matter if it's Joe Rogan or top-level medical experts who say the same: everything opposing the narrative can never be tolerated on this or any other issue.

Wokies gonna woke!


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