Jordan Peterson reached his breaking point with Justin Trudeau's new war powers and dang did he spew some late-night ๐Ÿ”ฅ for Canadians
ยท ยท Feb 22, 2022 ยท

So Canadian parliamentarians voted to give Justin Trudeau unlimited power Monday night โ€“ you know, because those peaceful truckers who set up bouncy castles and rocked out to Journey songs were an existential threat to the nation.

Anyway, mega-popular speaker and psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson has finally, utterly had enough with the dystopian tyranny:

I feel for JP. His public career in the last few years has largely revolved around two primary themes: how to better one's life, and warning us how the suppression of thought and speech under Wokeism leads to the same mass tragedies of the 20th century.

Watching what's happening in Canada now is like a literal play-by-play of his commentaries on sociological trends in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.

After Trudeau was given god-mode authority, Peterson had this to say:

Your southern neighbors are praying for you, Canada. Hopefully your fellow citizens will wake up to what's happening to them before it's too late!

Canadian version coming soon!

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