"Journalism In 2023": New York Times Says Black Horse Riders Can't Find Helmets
· Mar 3, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Journalism has officially jumped the shark in 2023.

In the endless quest to find a way to make absolutely everything racist, The New York Times has found the ultimate example.

No this isn't a meme. It's not The Babylon Bee.

It's a real New York Times article about how black equestrians can't find helmets that fit over their hair.

Remember when they used to be a serious newspaper?

"I finally freaking feel like myself, and now society is asking me to change," Ms. Robbins, 27, of Alliston, Ontario, said as she choked back tears. "I just want to be able to ride."

Black equestrians have long felt virtually invisible in a sport that remains overwhelmingly white. For those with natural hair, which for many is a declaration of pride and Black identity, finding a helmet that fits properly can be nearly impossible, creating yet another barrier to full inclusion.

"Barrier to full inclusion" 🤡

Some are now lobbying for change, mindful that horseback riding is among the leading causes of sports-related traumatic brain injury. The helmet companies say there isn't a simple fix.

While there may not be a simple fix to the helmets, there is still a simple fix to the whole problem.

Several prominent equestrian helmet manufacturers contacted by The New York Times said they were not aware that many Black riders struggled with helmet fit. Others said they recognized that it was an issue and were working to address it, while cautioning that bringing a new helmet to market is a costly undertaking that can take years.

The Times spoke with nearly a dozen Black riders, several of whom described searches for properly fitting helmets that dragged on for months or even years. Some said they had been turned away from equestrian stores by employees who said they couldn't help them. A few said they had manipulated helmets by stuffing them or cutting the lining.

Seriously, horse riding is now racist because it is physically impossible to fit a helmet over large dreadlocks.

And a major newspaper is writing an article about it to try to show how bad black people have it and how racist businesses are.

This is so stupid.

Or, just another day at The New York Times.

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