Jury refuses to convict black perp who robbed Asian jeweler and bashed in his face on video, judge declares mistrial
· Sep 20, 2023 · NottheBee.com

The media narratives about skin color have really done their work, haven't they?

Here is the video of Calvin Ushery pistol-whipping the elderly Korean-American jewelry shop owner on September 15, 2022.

[Warning: Graphic Violence]

More from ABC 6:

Calvin Ushery was on trial for various charges, including robbery and assault.

Prosecutors say he violently attacked the owner of Solid Gold Jewelers on September 15, 2022.

Yeah, that's because he did, with irrefutable proof. This wasn't Epstein's cell: The guy is on camera bashing an Asian man's brains out.

Ushery stole around $100,000 in jewelry during the robbery as well.

Surveillance video shows 68-year-old Chang Suh being stomped on and hit in the head at least a dozen times - twice with a hammer. Suh was so badly beaten he is still undergoing rehabilitation.

A year later and he is still recovering. Think about that. Think of how brutal and savage this attack was.

After two days of deliberations, a mistrial was declared.

Prosecutors plan to retry the case.

Why do you think the jury wouldn't convict Ushery?

What do you think that says about the systemic problem with our justice system in America?

What do you think it means for victims like Chang Suh?

Wake up, America.

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