Justice Alito gives rare WSJ interview on Dobbs leak, says he has "pretty good idea who is responsible" 👀
· Apr 29, 2023 · NottheBee.com

We live in an era where allegiance to the Narrative™ protects you and the decorum of the Uniparty takes precedence over truth.

Need more evidence? The justices of the Supreme Court of The United States of America know, or at least highly suspect, who is behind the unlawful, horrid leak of the Court's decision to overturn Roe v Wade last summer, but no one has been arrested.

Justice Samuel Alito just sat down for a rare interview with the Wall Street Journal where he admitted as much:

Those of us who were thought to be in the majority, thought to have approved my draft opinion, were really targets of assassination.

This is true. A wave of violence erupted against the conservative justices on the bench. That was the point. Decorum was broken in favor of threatening the justice system with a gun held to its head, but no one is being held accountable because a "progressive" was responsible.

It was a part of an effort to prevent the Dobbs draft... from becoming the decision of the court. And that's how it was used for those six weeks by people on the outside — as part of the campaign to try to intimidate the court.

This phrase "targets of assassination" was also used by Alito in a speech last October. You can watch that here.

I personally have a pretty good idea who is responsible, but that's different from the level of proof that is needed to name somebody.

There is much speculation that the leaker came from the office of one of the liberal judges, particularly Sotomayor, who often makes wild claims and has a stunning lack of jurisprudence for someone on the highest court of the most powerful nation in history.

Alito certainly doesn't think it was another conservative justice:

That's infuriating to me. Look, this made us targets of assassination. Would I do that to myself? Would the five of us have done that to ourselves? It's quite implausible.

I already gave you the answer for Rep. Lee's second question.

Judging by his history, Chief Justice Roberts cares more about the reputation of the Court than anything else. If it means telling the truth and holding the guilty accountable, but sullying the image and decorum of the Court, he will not take action.

It would be wonderful to be proven wrong on this, but alas, I don't think I shall be.

Understand how significant it is that Alito gave this interview. Cameras are not allowed inside SCOTUS. The judges rarely appear on video anywhere. They remain out of the public eye as a literal metaphor of justice remaining impartial and blind. For a judge to sit down on record and say he has "a pretty good idea" who stained the good name of the Court is not a small thing!

Alito also commented on the allegations of rape against Justice Kavanaugh during his 2018 nomination process, and the utter shame of the Democrats who tried to smear him on the world stage.

After Justice Kavanaugh was accused of being a rapist during his Senate confirmation hearings, he made an impassioned speech, made an impassioned scene, and he was criticized because it was supposedly not judicious, not the proper behavior for a judge to speak in those terms. I don't know — if somebody calls you a rapist?

The DOJ and federal law enforcement has been turned into a political billy club against the American people (depending on how they vote). The House is a heated pool of emotions that regularly wants to overturn constitutional rights. The Senate is a Uniparty of old pals who seldom work up the muster to defend the Constitution and the People. The White House is occupied by a "moderate radical" commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces who can't remember that he was in Ireland two weeks ago. The bureaucracy is a vast machine beholden to few of the revolving-door politicians in DC.

The Supreme Court is the last levelheaded institution of justice in this nation.

But things stand on the edge of a knife in SCOTUS. The entire Court is being held together by pretending things are okay when they are not, which means our entire republic is being held together by lies.

That worries me the most.

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