Kamala is FINALLY going to the border after Trump announced he's going to visit and Trump had some thoughts about that
ยท Jun 23, 2021 ยท NottheBee.com

This is peak Trump and I am here for all of it:

E N H A N C E:

* * *

Trump announced on Monday that he would be heading to the southern border with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott next week.

On Wednesday, Kamala Harris said she'd heading to the border this week, with plans to stop in the West Texas town of El Paso on Friday. This comes a mere 90 days after being tapped as the border czar in response to the ongoing border crisis.

I'm sure she's had a lot of important VP duties to attend to since then (like handing out cookies with her face on them.)

The question remains: Did Kamala decide to finally go to the border a few days after Trump announced he would be going based purely on happenstance?

I mean, sure, even though it's been THREE MONTHS since she was tasked with the crisis, she might have just randomly announced she was going to go to the border a few days after Trump announced his own visit, and it might have been purely coincidental that she's going to beat his visit by a few days.

I think we all know what really happened, and the media seems to agree:

Mainstream media outlets do appear to agree that Harris's decision to finally pay a visit to the United States' southern border, three months after being placed in charge of the Biden administration's border crisis, was motivated by Trump's decision to travel there himself.

Forbes noted that Kamala Harris was visiting the border "ahead of Trump" in its headline. Others, like Newsweek, noted that Harris previously insisted she would not visit the southern border, favoring communication with Northern Triangle countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, over what she claimed was a "grand gesture" that detracted from her work addressing the "root causes" of the migration crisis, and pledged, instead, to visit the border "at some point" โ€” a plan that put her at odds with reporters during her Central American tour earlier in June.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump knows how to get things done! ๐Ÿ˜‚

In other news, Kamala Harris still hasn't been to Europe.


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