We need to talk about these cookies Kamala passed out to reporters
· Jun 8, 2021 · NottheBee.com

I've seen some cringeworthy stuff in my day, but handing out cookies with your face on them brings it to a new level:

Yes, VP Harris decided to pass out cookies to reporters on her way to Central America (probably taking a page out of Jen Psaki's playbook), but she gave them all cookies of herself.

Even weirder, they didn't have a face:

Needless to say, people had some thoughts on Her Majesty wanting people to eat food fashioned in her likeness:

Seriously, in what reality does someone want other people to eat food that looks like them???

No, Seema, you shall consume the likeness of our mighty Empress and you shall like it!

Kamala isn't a narcissist. She just has an exaggerated sense of self-importance and loves herself enough to pass out her image engraved on baked dough!!

Some people said the cookies were donated by a business (and tried to score extra woke points by pointing out said business is black-owned), which didn't take away from the weirdness at all:

Others added a face, which definitely took away some of the Slender Man vibes:

In reality though, what we have here is a story about a leader flying over a border where kids are being left to die in scorching heat, so that she can virtue signal about said border in photo ops with foreign leaders.

And to ingratiate herself to the press that will be covering said photo op, she and her staff decided to regift cookies with her face on them.

I suppose that's one way to lead a country!

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