Kansas City police allegedly shot an unarmed black woman but video showed that she did, in fact, have a gun in her hand
· Jun 3, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Always assume that the minutes and hours and days after a police-involved shooting are going to be filled with complete and total misinformation. That was true in the case of, say, Michael Brown, and it was apparently true Kansas City last week:

Dramatic bodycam footage caught the moment a suspected armed carjacker — who was falsely believed to be pregnant and unarmed — wielded a handgun moments before she was shot by Missouri cops.

A screenshot released in arrest documents shows Leonna Hale, 26, pointing a handgun as she looks behind her while trying to flee arrest in Kansas City late last Friday, prosecutors said.

Hale, a convicted felon banned from having weapons, pointed the loaded Lorcin L25 handgun straight at two officers — both of who then shot her a total of three times, the Missouri officers said in the warrant.

It's not exactly clear if Hale is, in fact, not pregnant; all we know is that prosecutors "do not believe [it] is true." But she most assuredly had a gun in her hand during the altercation. You can see it right there.

And oh, as an aside, what kind of gun was it? The "Lorcin L25?" What can you say about this gun? How can you describe its truly existential level of quality?

The L25 belongs to that legendary class of firearms known as "Saturday night specials," the cheap, low-grade, easily breakable "junk guns" that proliferated in crumbling urban centers throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Various attempts were made to legislate these guns out of existence, but unsurprisingly they largely failed because...you know...gun control usually does.

Oh, and what about Lorcin? Have you ever heard of that company? No? There's a reason why:

In 1993, Lorcin was the number one pistol manufacturer in the United States, producing 341,243 guns. However, in 1996, Lorcin filed for bankruptcy, with 18 pending product liability, personal injury, and wrongful death lawsuits. The company emerged from bankruptcy in 1997, but closed in 1998 with an additional 22 lawsuits having been filed.

Sounds about right. Hope you didn't pay too much for that gun, Leonna!

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