The Special Olympics Was Gonna Require The Jabby Jab For Participants, But DeSantis Put A Stop To That ๐Ÿ’ช
ยท Jun 3, 2022 ยท

Ron DeSantis and Florida have been on the forefront of fighting back against the medical state totalitarianism of the Covid regime.

The state has fought back against mask requirements, vax requirements, and other Covid restrictions harder than any.

And they weren't about to stop now.

The Special Olympics was set to be held in Florida and the organization planned to require all participants to receive the Covid jab โ€“ a clear violation of the medical rights of these special needs individuals.

And Florida fought for their rights.


All it took was for Florida to let the organization know that they had to obey Florida law or pay the consequences.

$27.5 mill is a lot of money to lose out on just to try to force people to prove their vaccination status.

The Covid crazies on the Left are, of course, losing their minds over this.

If you oppose medical tyranny it's just because you want immunocompromised people to die.

Or, maybe, just maybe, you think people should be in charge of their own health decisions and think special needs people shouldn't be forced to take an experimental drug because a powerful organization mandates it.

Leftists are allergic to freedom.

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