ROFL: The LA Times published this today of all days and the ratio is glorious ๐Ÿ˜‚
ยท Feb 9, 2024 ยท

Did the LA Times fire all of their "real" journalists and hire comedy writers instead?


And the best part:

At the time I am writing this they have 232 replies, 62 retweets, and 1 like.

One. Solitary. Like.

That's what we call a ratio.

The even-more-insane part is that they published this opinion TODAY after last night's debacle:

What is going on over in that newsroom? Their opinions lately have achieved a new level of unhinged.

This opinion, written by an aging Democrat, praises Biden because he was "molded" in the era of LBJ, which they see as a good thing instead of what it probably is, the worst disaster of a presidential term in American history.

Biden simply doesn't have that residual Reaganism; his political makeup was formed before the Reagan revolution. He watched a booming economy in the Johnson years that narrowed the gap between poor and rich. Reagan's economic boom benefited the rich. Now Biden is back in LBJ mode, and the gap has โ€” for the first time in decades โ€” begun to narrow again.

Yeah, even if you think all of this is good, influence from LBJ and whatnot, he's still too senile to be charged with a crime for his mishandling of classified materials.

This isn't some Ronald Reagan moment!!

The LA Times ... beyond parody! Thanks for the laugh, guys!

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