These lads got around Ireland's Covid restrictions by booking cheap flights and then just drinking at the airport

Nov 19th

Well this is about as Irish as it gets…

Apparently in Ireland the Covid restrictions are pretty hefty. For instance:

  • You'll receive a penalty if you're not within a 5-kilometer radius of your home.
  • You are not to visit anyone (ANYONE!!!) in their home.
  • And, oh, yeah, the bars and restaurants, those are only open for carry-out.

Which means you cannot, in any sense, "go out with the boys tonight." You can, however, still sleep on the couch—because you deserve to. However, the airports are declared essential, so they're open, fully, and they're serving food and drinks to travelers.


What to do?

Well look at that, these cheeky wiseguys decided to purchase super-cheap airfare, never get on the flight, and then just sit at the airport bar and get Dublin tipsy.


Too bad though, the airport is already on top of this one, and soon the loophole will be gone. In fact, the lads who pulled this act may be in legal trouble as it was technically a "breach of airport by-laws."


Thanks for sharing it on Facebook and ruining it for the rest of us you brilliant bozos!


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