Let's check on the state of modern American beauty pageants, shall we?
· Jun 7, 2024 · NottheBee.com

What follows is not satire.

A man won the Miss Maryland USA competition.

He's transgender and a "military spouse"? What a time to be alive.

You got to admit: That's an impressive costume that man is wearing to make himself look like a woman.

But once you know it, you can't unsee it:

Being the first man to win a woman's beauty pageant is a pretty impressive accomplishment!

If you're wondering, by the way, how this whole charade ends, folks in the comments have some ideas:

Not to be outdone, the National American Miss pageant in Alabama decided to turn itself into its own clown show:

Now, we're all thinking the same thing, we can just admit it:

But we're not here to make fat jokes. We're just pointing out that Miliken's victory sets a dangerous precedent for health in the United States by suggesting that it's normal and fine to be hugely overweight.

Being hugely obese is extremely unhealthy. We should be discouraging it, not celebrating it.

Thoughtful, well-meaning people recognize this:

Women's beauty pageants that celebrate men and encourage fatal medical conditions: That's clown world, folks.

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