Literary agent fired for merely having an account on Parler.
· Jan 27, 2021 ·

This is guilt by association by association by association.

Colleen Oefelein, a former agent at The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, was fired after Twitter users complained that she was using anti-big tech platforms Gab and Parler.

This is the tweet that got her in trouble.

I'm now also posting on Parler. It's a great platform with no censorship!

You can almost feel the racist hateful bigotry as she repeats white supremacist catchphrases like "no censorship."

No, I'm not kidding.

This agent let everyone know she's on Parler a little over 2 months ago.

Just after the election.

With a particular note that it has "no censorship." Which is a clear signal to a very specific group of people (read: bigots).

And I find that alarming.

Oh, it's alarming all right.

Being opposed to censorship, which five minutes ago was considered a stance to be lauded, is now a dog whistle to bigots.

If you click through you'll find that she included a link to a YA Whispers post but don't bother clicking on it as you'll get this:

YA Whispers is an account dedicated to exposing bad actors in the literary agency world, and there are a lot of bad actors, agents making promises they can't keep, violating terms of contracts, withholding payments and the like.

This was none of those, and yet YA Whispers went through the trouble of finding who this woman worked for, and contacting her employer.

Fortunately, ReclaimTheNet did a screen grab before YA Whispers could send it down the memory hole.

Does @JDLitAgency know or care that one of their agents frequents alt-right social media like Parler and Gab?

The correct answers would have been "no" and "no."

Sadly, those were not the answers.

Jennifer DeChiara of the Jennifer De Chiara literary agency responded using her individual twitter account (with the not-at-all ironic "@4writers" tag).

Those responses have been deleted of course, and her personal account locked, but they were captured as well.

The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency was distressed to discover this morning, January 25th, that one of our agents has been using the social media platforms Gab and Parler.

For the record, she only mentioned that she was using Parler.

If you're going to fire somebody for a phony made up reason, you want to at least be accurate about the phony made up reason.

That aside, a literary agency, a business that exists because of constitutional guarantees of free speech, was "distressed" that someone had been using a social media platform. Just using.

We do not condone this activity, and apologize to anyone who has been affected or offended by this.

Jennifer DeChiara, America's mother scolding her children for being disobedient.

The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency has in the past and will continue to ensure a voice of unity, equality, and one that is on the side of social justice.

A literary agency wants to "ensure a voice of unity, equality, and one that is on the side of social justice," but not "ensure a voice of freedom, independence, and one that is on the side of liberty."

Sounds like something you'd see on Parler, if you know what I mean.

She had no choice, really.

I suspect Jennifer DeChiara's self-congratulatory virtue signaling took a bit of a hit after she spoke with her lawyers.

Oefelein announced her own demise on Twitter a couple of days ago and has been quiet since.

A quick read of Oefelein's Twitter feed reveals nothing political, including going back to around the election. Her feed is supportive of writers and often very funny.

YA Whispers, which targeted her, made no accusation regarding her ethics as a literary agent, only that she joined Parler.

The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency in announcing her dismissal gave no reason other than the fact that they had been alerted that she had joined Parler.

Parler is currently shut down, so I couldn't check what she wrote there, but then again, neither could they nor did they seem to even try. In fact, It's not clear if the thought even occurred to them to want to check. They had enough on her.

She was fired because she attempted to expand her marketing reach to an insufficiently woke platform, one that threatened the monopoly Big Tech has on the public narrative.

And these are writers and literary agents.

It's always the enemy within that gets you.

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