Disney got Microsoft to change its AI image generator because people were making too many savage Pixar-style posters
· Nov 27, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Guys, DO NOT laugh at these terrible and horrific memes created with Microsoft Bing's AI art generator meant to make shocking parodies of Disney Pixar movies.

Here are a few of the more tame examples:



Okay. Some of them are awful. Some were downright hilarious.

But Disney has NO tolerance for these sorts of shenanigans. So much so that they have made Bing disable their art generator to mimic Disney's style and logo.

Now, according to Disney, the trend began with people making Pixar posters featuring their own dogs and then posting those on social media. But the trend quickly grew to satire (click for inappropriate, PG-13 examples if you dare).

"Reproduction of the Disney logo is clear trademark infringement. I would imagine that is why the AI might be jumbling the logo," Andrew White, partner at IP law firm Mathys & Squire, tells The Financial Times.

"In this instance, it is likely more for fun than trying to pass the images off for their own film or animation, but that would be a huge issue. From a PR perspective, it is a fine line for Disney seeming to come down on something for fun that is ultimately raising its profile versus something that is actually anti-competitive."

Is it copyright infringement? Or do people have the right to parody even if it uses a copyrighted logo or a certain style?

For now, Bing is not allowing "Disney" to be used in prompts with the threat of Disney going after them for copyright infringement.

Oh well, the memes were fun while they lasted.

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