LOL: Look at all the lefties triggered that a guy who built a world-changing company went to space while they sat around and complained

Jul 21st

No one in 100 years will remember Bernie Sanders, Adam Schiff, or Elizabeth Warren, but I bet they'll still be teaching about Jeff Bezos.

Look at how all the leftists were triggered that Bezos has built world-class companies and is now one of a few people privatizing space travel:

This is pure jealousy and thirst for power at work. There's no nightmare worse for a leftist than a man so unchained from the government apparatus that he can literally leave the domain of mankind for the stars.

Of course, the fact that the Left hates Jeff Bezos won't stop him from promoting their ideas in WaPo or donating $100 million dollars this week to a communist CNN anchor.

And, of course, the woke ate him alive for it:

Even though he's working against himself with such woke pandering, men like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson are doing more for humanity than any of the above balloonheads.

In addition to the fact that these men employ millions in businesses that have changed the world (while someone like Sanders has never created anything other than controversy to fund his multiple homes), the investment they put toward the stars is rapidly making access to space a reality for the rest of us.

When I'm cruising on a cheap suborbital flight to New Zealand a few decades from now, looking at the sun rise over the curve of the Earth, I won't care one iota how much Bernie shook his fists at the heavens.


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