North Carolina's governor, who sent his own kid to private school, just issued a state of emergency over Republicans pushing school choice 🥴
· May 23, 2023 ·

This is an emergency! People with lower incomes in North Carolina, particularly people of color, may soon be able to enroll in private schools soon, ruining the party for the rich kids!!

Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper seriously thinks this is an emergency 👇

The North Carolina House just passed a school voucher bill that would more than double the funding for school vouchers, opening opportunities for kids to get out of failing public schools.

School voucher programs give money to students instead of school systems and allow students who otherwise couldn't afford it access to private schools.

Democrats, of course, oppose this because they want kids in government schools because they're Democrat propaganda machines and activist training grounds. They don't want poor kids to become less dependent on the government.

What a clown show!

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