LOL! Stacey Abrams Is Hiring A New Social Media Manager And I Can't Imagine Why
ยท Feb 7, 2022 ยท

It was a rough, rough weekend for the Stacey Abrams team.

The Governor of Georgia (in her own mind) Stacey Abrams actually tweeted out the singular worst picture of any Democrat during this entire pandemic.

There she is, proudly smiling, maskless, while little kids who have no reason to fear Covid are made to wear masks while surrounding the would-be governor.

Not a good look, at all.

Maybe the worst PR of any Democrat since the beginning of Covid, given this was posted on purpose.

Well, today, to no one's surprise, this showed up on Twitter:




It didn't even take an hour on Monday before this was posted!

We knew heads would roll over this, but seeing this being promoted on Twitter is next-level hilarious.

It would be hard to do worse than the last guy.

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