American lawyer shoots dead two climate protesters blocking traffic in Panama after weeks of protests that have shuttered schools, businesses
· Nov 9, 2023 ·

Guys, I'm not endorsing this, but we have ourselves here a predictable case of the found outs.

There's video coming (be warned), but first, the details. It's become commonplace around the world for climate protesters to block traffic, many times in ways that are financially and emotionally devastating. That's the point, after all. If someone has to die in a gridlocked ambulance to save Mother Earth, then the climate wackos are willing to make that sacrifice.

In this case, the roadblocks had forced schools across Panama to close for over a week and caused tens of millions in lost revenue for businesses daily.

The violence came during the third week of protests over a large mining contract that allows Canada-based First Quantum Minerals to operate the region's largest pit copper mine for at least 20 more years.

The roadblocks have caused up to $80 million in daily losses to businesses and have shuttered schools nationwide for more than a week.

On Tuesday, the climate cultists were blocking the Pan-American Highway. As traffic was stopped, 77-year-old American lawyer and professor Kenneth Darlington got out of his vehicle and walked up to the protesters. He got into an argument with them and brandished a handgun and started moving the roadblocks.

Then one protester reportedly dared him to shoot them.

And, well, then he decided it was Glock O'Clock.

Someone literally captured that shell flying through the air...

Here's the video (CONTENT WARNING) showing the argument (you don't see much of the shots themselves, but you do see the men collapse):

Darlington continued moving the roadblocks after he shot the men. He was then arrested by police.

The deadly shooting came after Panamanian media reported that a demonstrator was run over and killed last week by a foreigner attempting to drive past a roadblock.

A note to the climate wackos: Nothing you're doing is helping your cause. Destroying historic art, blocking traffic? Yeah, I dislike you a thousand times more than I did a year or so ago. It makes me want to rev my truck's V8 a few extra times a day in your name.

Now add the brutal reality of in-the-moment road rage into the mix. Y'all, I've seen people kill each other over the dumbest things. Remember that federal J6 prosecutor who proudly jailed grandmas for shaking fences and waving flags at the Capitol?

Yeah, that was a month ago, and the prosecutor stabbed a guy for a fender bender. He then tried to stab a couple that stopped to help.

But I've seen people commit murder for even less. Some people are at the end of their rope, and when the stress of traffic hits, they snap. And when the government does nothing to stop lawbreakers like these protesters, regular people take the law into their own hands.

So be warned, climate cultists. Not only are you being counterproductive with these stupid tactics, but you're messing around with road rage combined with losing people millions of dollars.

Nature is going to take its course.

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