WATCH: Matt Walsh definitively responds to critics who said his Dylan Mulvaney tirade was "too mean." We break it down for ya. ๐Ÿ”ฅ
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Last week, Matt Walsh went viral for good and bad reasons after his truth-filled diatribe against Dylan Mulvaney, a young man who pretends to be a girl online.

If you missed his original rant, you can watch it here:

Walsh delivered the pure, unvarnished truth.

You would think this would trigger the lefties who fully support Dylan Mulvaney and his perverted mission to corrupt youth and denigrate women.

But Walsh faced vicious hate from his allies on the right who claimed Walsh was "too mean" and "not persuasive" when he called out Mulvaney. They didn't disagree with Walsh, but thought he was too mean-spirited.

Walsh, in his infinite Sweet-Baby-Gang sweetness, has a response to that critique.

Here's the video with a breakdown below if you don' have time to watch all 11 minutes:


In the culture war, I don't think it's possible to go too far by speaking truth. The truth is the truth. It is what it is. It's the reality...

When it comes to gender ideology the truth is is ugly. It is brutal, and harsh and disgusting. I wish it wasn't that way but it is. I didn't make it that way. I didn't create the ugliness. I'm merely pointing at it and saying, 'Look at this! Look at it for what it is!'

Conservatives, and Christians especially, should not shy away from telling the truth, even when it's ugly and painful.

Or, perhaps, especially when it's ugly and painful.

Walsh goes on:

But you (conservative critics) would rather me soften the blow a little bit. That I dress the truth up to make it prettier, more palatable. You want me to lie to protect the feelings of our enemies.

And make no mistake, Dylan Mulvaney is our enemy. He is an open, visible, active, and passionate advocate for the abuse of children, the war on fundamental truth, and the destruction of human society as we know it...

We got into this position in our culture precisely by valuing politeness over truth. We got here by doing exactly what you would have me continue doing. And what you blame me for not doing.

We got here by refusing to speak the plain truth and by allowing the anti-truth brigade to emotionally blackmail us into silence.

If you cannot accept the fact that Mulvaney is lost to the type of spiritual and ideological evil that ruins and enslaves nations, then you have already lost the war. Walsh isn't saying to win at all costs. He's not even saying to bully or abuse Mulvaney.

But he refuses to soften his speech and lie in order to appease a demonic cult that's calling for reality itself to be overturned.

You say I'm not going to convince the other side by my rhetoric... Convincing the other side is not my objective. This is the core difference between you and me. I'm not looking to reach an understanding with these people. I'm not interested in compromise and dialogue. For those who castrate children, and attack the very concept of truth, and erode the foundations of human civilization, my goal is to defeat and humiliate and demoralize them.

Okay, I wanna destroy everything they stand for.

These are tough words to hear for some. We're supposed to love our enemies and pray for them.

Doesn't destruction sound like the opposite of that?

Let's pause for a second and read this from 2 Corinthians, Chapter 10 where the Apostle Paul says,

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, being ready to punish every disobedience, when your obedience is complete.

The transgender ideology is an affront to truth and "against the knowledge of God." So, of course, we aren't trying to physically destroy Mulvaney. But we do want destroy the ideology he promotes, which is not of God but of Satan.

We have to boldly oppose anyone who preaches this ideology.

Let's get back to Matt.

I'm not saying that we're only preaching to the choir. We also do want to convince people. But guess what! You don't convince people by being nice. You don't. At least not on a cultural level.

Where did you get this idea... that the way to win the culture is by being nice? Is that how The Left won the culture? Have you been paying attention at all? They have seized hold of our society, indoctrinating whole generations, and they didn't do it with niceness.

They didn't win these flies with honey. They did it by being bold and aggressive and by making their oppositions arguments seem, not only wrong, but utterly horrific and insane. That's how they did it... the tone of your argument is often more important than the substance of it.

And the tone that actually wins the day on a cultural level is the one that's unwavering and that paints the opposition as so repulsive that you shouldn't even take their position into consideration...

The only difference is that they do that to us dishonestly. They make the truth seem insane. But what they're peddling actually is insane.

Conservatives and many Christians are happy to continue to lose โ€“ at the cost of millions of souls, millions of murdered babies, and thousands of mutilated children โ€“ for fear of man instead of fear of God, hoping the people who hate them will consider them "nice."

If you sense anger in the words I use while discussing this topic, you're right. That is one crime I will confess to. I am angry.

When I look at what these people have done to this country, the devastation they have wrought on a generation of adults and children alike. The bleakness and ugliness of their worldview, the moral and intellectual chaos they leave in their wake, yes I get very angry.

And when I consider that my own children must inherit this culture that Dylan Mulvaney and his ilk will prey upon my children and try to turn my own sons and daughters into mutilated, mutant, self-loathing, hollow, twisted shells, just like themselves, well my anger then turns into a boiling rage.

And I know that I will do whatever is necessary, and I will speak whatever truths are necessary, to protect my kids from this hellish, god-forsaken madness.

I think Walsh speaks for many parents when it comes to this issue.

Sorry to take you out of the fire there for a moment but you needed a sec before it turned nuclear:

I would rather be dead than have that happen to my kids.

You see, the thing that I most despise about Dylan Mulvaney is that he is part of a movement that actively seeks to turn my children into Dylan Mulvaney. That's why I'm entitled to my anger and to whatever language I use to convey it.

I will say whatever I want to say and I will be justified in saying it. Because these people are after my kids, and yours, and everyone else's. And you're worried that I'm being a little rude?

He's not being hyperbolic:

Well, you see when it comes to my children, the children I cherish more than my own life, you think mean words go too far, then you would be very shocked to hear how far I would really go to protect them. Trust me, words are the least of it.

So, yes. My words reflect anger. Because I am angry. But the problem is not that I'm angry. The problem is that you are not nearly angry enough.

People are going to still listen to Walsh's tone and not his words and decry him for being too angry.

You already see it.

"If only we were nicer!" the third-way evangelical cries as his children are sacrificed to the trans cult's gods.

Auron MacIntyre sums up everything Matt said in this 11+ minute video pretty well in just three sentences.

There is no third way.

There is no compromise with this evil.

One side has to win.

For the sake of our country and our children, let's pray it's Matt Walsh.

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