Matt Walsh jokingly said the Little Mermaid's skin should be translucent like an actual fish and it absolutely broke the minds of the wokies
· · Sep 15, 2022 ·

Leftists have been out in the street celebrating that the new Little Mermaid movie will feature a black actress in the part of Ariel.

You can tell they are really proud of their diverse hire by the way they are making such a huge deal about a little kids movie most adults don't even care about.

However, since it's such a big deal, the movie promotion caught the attention of Sweet Daddy Matt Walsh and he sarcastically criticized Disney's woke virtue signaling and The Left, of course, took it 100% seriously.

Here's the triggering portion of the show that Media Matters used to expose Matt's racist hate.

Can these folks have a little awareness ever?

Walsh explains how Disney is only making this casting decision based on woke virtue signaling, then throws in the sarcastic and quite hilarious note about how a humanoid creature living under the sea would have lighter skin and would likely be translucent.

That's what the Little Mermaid should look like. She should be totally pale and skeletal where you can see her skull through her face. And that would actually be a version of Little Mermaid that I would watch.

Media Matters took this as a serious racially hateful argument. The Left ran with it.

Walsh, of course, has as much fun with this as is humanly possible.

Oh, and just so you know, Matt isn't just egging this on for no reason.

Leftists ACTUALLY think Matt is racist because he said the Little Mermaid should be translucent.

And here's Walsh smacking so-called Christian conservative David French, who will never pass up an opportunity to falsely slander a fellow Christian as a racist.

Ugh, David French is the worst.

Instead of continuing to explain the joke, Walsh has decided to just double down on the joke, making it clear that lefties have no sense of humor and are nothing more than melodramatic snowflakes.

And here we have Ben Shapiro to succinctly explain the joke and why the Left's reaction actually matters in real life.

If you think the Little Mermaid shouldn't be see-through like an anglerfish, then I guess you're transphobic!

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