Meanwhile in Europe: English national team gets booed by their own crowd for pre-game kneeling 不
Jun 9, 2021 繚

The English national football (soccer) team has taken up the torch of Colin Kraepernick across the pond.

The British footballers were booed over the weekend by some of their own fans for taking a knee before their match against Romania.

The team virtue-signaled -- I mean, announced their plan to kneel before the game, even though they were booed when they tried this stupid fake activism in their previous match.

"[O]ur players will once again take the knee as a show of solidarity with the Black community, including members of the squad who themselves continue to suffer abuse on a regular basis," the team said on Twitter. "Please support them, just as we know you will once the game begins."

Yes, they will "once again" try to shove their hollow wokeness down the throats of their own fans who want the players just to shut up and bloody dribble.

By their own admission, the English team knows that the fans support the team "once the game begins" (i.e., you know, the actual SPORTS part of the sport). And they also know that many fans don't appreciate the wokeness. Yet, the team still insists that the fans support the players' braindead political activism before and after the game.

The post-game response from the English team shows just how clueless they are as to why fans are booing at all.

On Wednesday, the first instance of the team getting booed, head coach Gareth Southgate said that the booing "feels like a criticism of black players."

Did he ask any of the fans why they're booing, or do we really operate exclusively on feeling with no regard for the truth these days? Right. It's the latter.

"Gareth Southgate and the England team don't seem to understand what's really going on here," said Nigel Farage (most commonly known for his role in the "Brexit" movement).

Alas, Southgate, who seems to be stuck in his ignorant ways, confirmed he and his team plan to kneel throughout the upcoming European championship (a.k.a., the Euro).

"We feel more than ever determined to take the knee through this tournament," Southgate said. "We accept that there might be an adverse reaction and we are just going to ignore that and move forward."

I guess the plan is to just keep kneeling until the day that we can say that all of the kneeling has eradicated the sin of racism from the face of the earth.

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