British government hospital now asking all men under 60 if they are pregnant before getting MRIs 🤡
· Mar 31, 2022 ·

Whenever you think you hit peak clown world you hear something as crazy as medical experts going against basic science and biology (and common sense).

Male patients are being asked if they are pregnant before getting medical scans in England.

I wonder if any of those doctors and nurses ever thought they would have to ask biological males such a silly, silly question.

Oh, how the medical profession has fallen... all their hard work getting to the positions they are in today just to have your credibility mocked for falling inline with woke nonsense that goes against everything you know to be true.

Like, for example, the fact that MEN CAN NOT GET PREGNANT.

The National Health Service (NHS) is prioritizing "gender" over sex in order to be more "inclusive" of people experiencing gender dysphoria.

The government has actually removed the word "female" from the law governing medical procedures all together and replaced it with "individuals."

So now, poor male cancer patients and those having X-rays and MRI scans are being asked if they could possibly be pregnant!

Because the government doctors don't want to hurt the imaginary baby!

Awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable and just plain stupid.

The Department of Health updated the regulations regarding the procedures in 2017 and changed the wording about those who should be questioned from "females of childbearing age" to "individuals of childbearing potential."

The Walton Centre National Health Service Foundation Trust, in Liverpool, now asks "ALL patients under the age of 60, regardless of how you may identify your gender," according to GBNews.

A wife of a male cancer patient says the pregnancy question before his scan caused "unnecessary confusion and agitation" and was "unfair" as a combination of steroids and brain surgery had made him emotional.

She added: "This was very confusing for him in his post-surgical daze, his vulnerability and needs completely ignored."

That is just so sad...

NHS guidance states that patients can change their name and the gender on their official documents without going through the legal process or any medical intervention.

What a joke.

Kat Barber, from campaign group Sex Not Gender Nurses and Midwives, said: "This is an example of why we need both sex and gender clearly recorded for patients. We do not need to ask all patients if they are pregnant.

"We need to ask females, hence why it is important to know if the person we are providing care for is female whilst also respecting their gender identity."

This would be laughable if it wasn't so harmful and insensitive. They literally took the word "female" out of their language.

Enduring any medical procedure can be a stressful and difficult time. Then on top of that, having a medical practitioner ask you such a ridiculous question, during a time a person is most vulnerable, is absolutely absurd!

Imagine being in the care of someone who doesn't know or want to admit that men can not get pregnant.

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