Dallas residents will soon be able to order takeout via drone and have it airdropped in their front yards 😮
· Mar 31, 2022 · NottheBee.com

None of us really needs another excuse to order fast food or anything, but I gotta say if they start doing it like this I think my consumption is gonna be on the upswing:

  • Customers use the Flytrex app to place their order from the menus of participating restaurants. In Granbury, they're starting with It's Just Wings.
  • Flytrex employees, working out of a parking lot, grab the food, clip the bag to a cable and load it into the drone delivery box. It can handle up to 6.6 pounds — enough for a family meal of burgers, fries and beverages, or a mother lode of wings.
  • The drone flies autonomously to the destination, which must be within a mile of the takeoff location, while a trained drone operator monitors the flight.
  • Upon arrival, the drone hovers about 80 feet off the ground, lowers the bag to the ground via cable, then releases the clip. (Hangry customers never interact directly with the drone.)

You read that right: The food is "[lowered] to the ground via cable." That sounds... really fun. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun to do and also a lot of fun to watch.

You can see the drone in action here:

Look at it go! It's like a reverse claw machine!

I dunno about y'all but once this comes to my city I'll be doing all my shopping exclusively by drone. Groceries, hardware, large appliances—if they can drop it into my yard on a cable I'm gonna get it.

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