Sigh: China is already using the metaverse to build a giant communist indoctrination camp
· Mar 31, 2022 ·

You got to give the commies credit, they know a marketing opportunity when they see it:

Chinese authorities are set to build a Communist education school in virtual reality in a bid to get top party officials into VR.

According to Chinese virtual reality firm Mengke VR, the CCCP's metaverse will run history lectures and courses, host meetings and virtual events, and even let people explore virtual exhibits.

You'll be able to put down the videogames for something better, as Beijing's metaverse will include fun-filled courses such as "The Great New Era - Major Achievements of the Party and the Country Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China" and "The Code of Leadership of the Communist Party of China".

Ahhh yes. What could be more exciting than popping on a virtual reality helmet and queuing up to clap in unison to a communist marching dirge?

Actually, the metaverse does offer some possibilities to live like a real communist without the attendant risk. Consider the options:

  • Virtually starve to death! Head on over to the CCP's Mass Famine Workroom and digitally experience what it's like to die from lack of food and water because Beijing's Third Five-Year Plan was a catastrophic failure!
  • Narc on your parents! Take part in the zealously paranoid climate of fear that pervades every aspect of life in Communist China by joining a virtual family and outing your virtual parents to local party leaders. Be sure to use your haptic gloves to wave bye-bye as they're dragged off to the killing pits!
  • Run a labor camp! Nothing says communism like forced labor for fake crimes. You'll have the chance to oversee one part of a brutal archipelago of camps in which the cruelty is the whole point. Fun for the whole family!

The possibilities are endless! Betcha can't wait!

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