Mike Pence tells Jordan Peterson that protecting the legal right to sex change surgeries for adults is to "love our neighbor"
· Jun 20, 2023 · NottheBee.com

In an interview with Jordan Peterson, where former VP Mike Pence made it clear that transing the kids is evil, he says he wouldn't take any action against adults who choose to mutilate themselves.

I'm libertarian enough to say, if you're an adult, live how you live with decisions you make--we'll love you, and love our neighbor as ourselves as my faith requires, right?

Never trust politicians to defend your faith.

(If you want the longer context, see the timestamped quote here at 13:06)

Yes, when Jesus said to "love your neighbor as yourself" what he really meant was that you shouldn't pass laws that would prevent mentally unstable people from harming themselves based on their delusions.

You wanna chop your privates off? That's what Jesus wanted, so okay!

It may be the "libertarian" position but Christianity and the Gospel of Christ requires you to not endorse evil and affirm delusions. "Love your neighbor" was used during the last three years to get pastors and believers to bow to all sorts of wicked things.

If adults can transition, why shouldn't kids be able to? Why is it illegitimate in kids but legitimate in adults? This is a politically nuanced position but morally nonsensical, especially when you understand that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob calls things like gay sexual relations and cross dressing "abominations."

This is what surrendering to the Left looks like. Mike Pence, like most Republicans, is no different than a 2020 Democrat on social issues. You might think that's fine: That a man can, or even should, separate his faith and governance.

But Pence has run as the faithful steward his entire career, going so far as to follow the Billy Graham rule of never being alone in a room with a woman who is not his wife, and speaking boldly about Jesus Christ. This is how he stands out from the other candidates, especially his old boss. To capitulate even slightly on that makes him no different than the rest of the field.

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