WATCH: Minnesota Girl Goes Savage on School Board Over BLM Posters
· Jun 23, 2021 ·

A 9-year-old student spoke up and absolutely destroyed the school board for their apparent flip flop on their "no politics in school" promise.

The video of a Lakeville Area School Board meeting held on June 8th went viral this week.

You can hear the young, feisty female student, Novalee, call out the school's hypocrisy for allowing BLM posters. She said, these posters being allowed up contradicts what the school board said at a prior meeting -- which was "no politics in school."

Novalee claims she was walking in the halls of Lakeville Elementary School when she saw BLM and Amanda Gorman posters on the walls. And when she told the principal and requested for them to be taken down, she said the principal refused and told her that the school board members were the ones who made the posters.

Of course the teachers made the posters... they seem like nice, rational people who don't want to push their own politics on impressionable children. Oh no, no way...

Not only did she take shots at the school board but she even mocks "Biden's so-called inauguration" and accuses "King Gov. (Tim) Walz" of sitting back on his throne while he watches his cities burn.

She then quotes Martin Luther King Jr. about not judging someone by the color of their skin but the content of their character.

"That dream has come true. I do not care or look at the color of skin. But you make me think of it," she said.

Novalee 2044 anyone??

When she was done, the next speaker– a grown woman– repeated "Black Lives Matter" seven times and then bickered with the child.

Real mature 🙄

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